In-Home Care Services

  • Vacuum/sweep/mop

  • Kitchen clean up after cooking

  • Bathroom clean up after showers

  • Personal laundry

  • Care for houseplants and pets

  • Play games

  • Plan outings/visit neighbors

  • Engage in stimulating conversation

  • Answer phone and door

  • Mail letters and bills

  • Check for food freshness

  • Meal preparation or heating

  • Encourage light exercise and assist with range of motion

  • Assist with clothing selection

  • Medication Reminders

  • Grocery shopping & Errands, Transportation to appointments and more >>


  • Medical Charting

  • Take blood pressure, temperature and heart rate.

  • Monitor client's fluid and food intake as well as output.

  • Administer needed medications, suppositories or enemas.

  • Collect samples

  • Observe and record changes within client's health condition.

  • Assist with wound care and dressing and any other basic medical task.

  • Breathing Therapy

  • PEG/Feeding Tube maintenance

  • C-PAP

Add-ons per reasonable accommodation and availability may be requested for a separate fee.

  • 1 hour senior massage 

  • Winter Snow Shoveling

  • Fall Leaf Raking

  • Out of State Travel Companion

  • Holiday Home Decorating

**Should there be something you need that is not listed within our service menu, please ask us in case we may be able to oblige.

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