Our why...

This page is not titled About Us because it isn't. It's about YOU. Clover Senior Care was started out of a genuine love for the well-being of other people. It's something I had to do. Too much in the world today goes awry because people no longer care and their ego self stands between right and wrong.


I believe that we MUST give genuinely and receive humbly in order to be in alignment with who we are meant to be. The rest comes naturally. Working in homecare provides me with a sense of purpose because each individual that is served is better for it and knowing this is of absolute comfort and reward when I put my head down at night. For that matter, so will you and your loved ones when you join the Clover family.


My team and I would like to thank you for at least considering us enough to read the information contained within these pages. Helping others through Clover Senior Care exists has given me a chance to experience more than I could have ever imagined in my lifetime. If you or someone you know has questions we welcome your phone call or we can schedule an in-home visit. It's complimentary, of course. Have a beautiful day.

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